Chiara Ferragni Collection Firm Aims to That We Spend US 550 Euros in Sneakers

Are we crazy or what? For signature Chiara Ferragni Collection gone you clip literally. And is that within his monstrous collection autumn-winter 2015 / 2016 We found a model so expensive that it exceeds the price of firm with quality shoes and a unsurpassed career. We talk about sneakers with Rhinestones that will talk about…

If I already escandalice me when his backpack with a wink of an eye was released on, the surprise is now greater. Wanting to create a signature of luxury not only comes to astronomical prices, savoir faire has to be present. The model in question is called Roger and is based on a Stan Smith filled with strass in XXL.

The concept is cool, price da midete.

What we buy with that budget?

There are many other models that we can buy with that budget, and we can even overrun some other euros to go caps or canes with friends. Saint Laurent, Valentino and Isabel Marant are signatures that appear in this list.

  • Beige boots of Riccardo Tisci for Nike, 224 euros.
  • Silver with red and electric blue of Saint Laurent, 311,50 euros for details.
  • In black and white booty of Valentino, 490 euros.
  • Black with detail in red Étoile Isabel Marant, 196 euros.
  • Colour Garnet from Alexander McQueen, 395 euros.
  • White and black eye in Pierre Hardy, 560 euros XXL.
  • With lips in the toe of Charlotte Olympia, 425 EUR.
  • Star booty of Saint Laurent, 495 euros.
  • Slip on striped Givenchy, 371,25 EUR.