Brazil – Samba, Caimans & Endless Beaches

Brazil – Samba, Caimans & Endless Beaches

Carnival, samba, football, Amazonas, Copacabana taste these names and you are already on your way to a wonderful place! Caymans along the Amazon River, Capyards in the sky, giant otters and the shy jaguar. During a trip along the river in a hollowed-out tree trunk or modern boat, you get the chance to perhaps experience them up close. Like on TV in HD but with all the scents !! Unbeatable, real, amazing. Short for BRA by abbreviationfinder, Brazil is a country of Latin America defined by countryaah.

Brazil - samba, caimans & endless beaches

Brazil – 17 days

Day 1 Departure from Sweden.

Day 2 Cuiaba – Pantanal

After changing flights in Sao Paulo, you arrive in Cuiaba. On arrival you will be met for a transfer to your lodge located a few hours south along the legendary Transpantaneiran. After making yourself at home, you and your guide can make a first tour of the surroundings before it’s time for dinner.

Day 3 Pantanal

Together with your guide (small group with English-speaking guide) you explore the Pantanal. The Pantanal is divided by Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia, its total area is 210,000 km2 of which 70% is located in Brazil. The world’s largest wetland area is located in the heart of South America. Here is one of the highest concentrations of wildlife on our planet. Unlike in the Amazon, visitors to the Pantanal have good chances of seeing endangered animals such as jaguars, cougars, giant otters, macaws, tapirs and giant anteaters. Completely improbable amounts of birds gather in the dawn light at the shallow bodies of water. The World Wide Fund for Nature, WWF, has defined the Pantanal as one of the world’s most protected areas

Day 4 Pantanal – Amazonas

Transfer to Cuiaba for further travel by air to Alta Floresta. Upon arrival, you will be met for a transfer to your lodge in the award-winning southern Amazon. In the afternoon / evening you will meet your guide and get a briefing for the adventures of the coming days.

Day 5, 6 and 7 Amazon

The inhabitants of the rainforest wake up early, so during the first hours of the morning you do hikes or boat trips together with your nature guides. After dark, you also have the opportunity to follow out to look for more nocturnal animals. The Amazon in southern Brazil still offers a largely untouched rainforest and here there are good chances to see very shy animals such as. giant otters, jaguars, the strange hoatzin bird and several species of macaws. You also have the opportunity to experience the Amazon from above via the so-called “canopy walk ways” (suspension bridges) which in an ingenious way link the treetops for a unique experience.

Day 8 Amazonas – Rio de Janeiro

After breakfast you return to Alta Flores for further flights via Cuiaba to Rio de Janeiro. On arrival you will be met for a transfer to your hotel. The evening is free for your own activities.

Day 9 Rio de Janeiro

After breakfast, take a half-day guided tour of Corcovado Mountain, one of the symbols perhaps most associated with Rio, the Christ the Redeemer. The afternoon on its own. Try lunch at one of Rio’s famous churrascerias along one of the famous beaches of Barra da Tijuca, Sao Conrado, Leblon, Ipanema or Copacabana. Another tip is of course to make a trip to Sockertoppen and take the cable car up to the top for fantastic views of the city.

Day 10 Rio de Janeiro

After breakfast you make a half day trip in a group with a guide to Favela das Canoas which is about 20 minutes drive from Copacabana. The contrasts with the surroundings are great as the favela is located between the upper class area Sao Conrado and Gavea Golf Club. You visit, among other things, the school, the craft center, the social center and the bakery. The afternoon on its own.

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Day 11 Rio de Janeiro – Salvador da Bahia

The morning on its own. Take the opportunity to experience the beach life in Rio. The city’s residents “cariocas” love their beaches and it is a spectacle with football, volleyball and surfing most days of the week. Copacabana and Ipanema are the natural first choices for first-time visitors. In the afternoon you will be picked up for transfer to the airport and further travel. You arrive in Salvador late in the evening and meet for a transfer to your hotel.

Day 12 Salvador da Bahia

In the morning you make a trip by car and on foot together with your local guide who shows you the historic Salvador. It was in Salvador that Brazil’s modern history and civilization began. Here are many beautiful old buildings and cultural treasures from the colonial era. The oldest district, Pelourinho, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Salvador, the African heritage is constantly present and voodoo and African rites are still practiced today. The afternoon is free for your own activities. We recommend a visit to the Mercado Modelo in the lower district below the upper historic part. If you prefer swimming in the Atlantic, there are many beautiful beaches a short trip from your hotel.

Day 13 Itaparica Island

On board one of the magnificent schooners located in the port of Salvador, you make a full day trip in Alla Helgons Bukt, with a beach break for swimming and lunch on different islands. In the evening, we recommend that you head to the Solar du Unhão, one of the old slave magazines that has been converted into a restaurant. Here you are offered a taste trip in the Bahia cuisine. You will also see a performance in Capoeira, the traditional dance that came to Brazil with the African slaves.

Day 14 Salvador da Bahia – Trancoso

After an early breakfast you will be picked up for a transfer to the airport and the short flight to Porto Seguro. Here you meet for transfer by car to Trancoso, located 47 km from Porto Seguro. Trancoso is a small quiet village that is barely on the map. Here are fantastically beautiful beaches and also what is perhaps the world’s most beautiful golf course. Not only that – with luck you can see both dolphins and large turtles in the sea below the cliffs in the village.

Day 15 Trancoso

Trancoso is the small hippie village from the 1970s that has elegantly shifted up to today’s paradise tourism. Here, discerning global backpackers encounter a disguised Brazilian barefoot bourgeoisie. Robust luxury inns are crowded with sandy vagabond shelters. Cool shops are located next door to hip restaurants. Everything is like a mixture of a film recording and a fashion report. Plus you are in Bahia, where the locals seem to take everything in stride and a wide warm smile.

Day 16 Return

Very early transfer to Porto Seguro airport for further travel to Sao Paulo. Upon arrival, you will meet for a half-day city tour with your guide. Your flight back to Europe departs in the evening.

Day 17 Return to Sweden

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