Boots Men’s Good and Cheap: That Such Order Its Boots in Indonesia?

A few years ago, it was almost impossible to buy in Brazil a boot men , good and cool. The national products have advanced a lot in design, in spite of the leather and work the factories to restrict the quality. Anyone looking for a boot really differentiated, you still need to resort to boots men’s made in the United States, for example.

Boots Men’s Good and Cheap That Such Order Its Boots in Indonesia

This evolution in the look of the boots brazilian was pulled by the arrival of workwear in fashionable national mainstream, along with motorcycles custom and barber shops. The national brands have given new look to the products and many have launched iconic models, such as the moc toe.

The wave passed. The West Coast, who attacked with a proposal workwer, already changed your proposal. Even Timberland has changed the position and launched hybrid with the face of sneakers. Without so much demand for aesthetic classic, the options were limited to what independent brands, how to Break Necks, can develop.

The good side when the entire world wanted to do a boot is that the high demand for the product attracts a diverse audience that sustained the development of many new features. Now that these people exchanged the boots for the revival of the 90s, we turned to be a smaller niche. The releases were slower, and even the Black Boots, that had always novelties, has released only one new product in the last year.

The output for those who can not stand to wait for things to arrive here is to resort to friends going to travel or take the risk to import. Another solution would be to encomedar a boot tailored, custom, here in Brazil. It is easy to give this advice on the blog, but practice is not so simple.

Our devalued currency and the economy reeling, increase make it difficult to acquire a product made by the best brands in boots male. The more affordable options with construction goodyear welted are a novelty even out there. Before the Meermin, established in 2013, the port of entry for a shoe so I was in the range of $300 with the Allen Edmonds and Loake. Today, you will not find a good product for less than $200.

To order a product customized is more complicated still. I know of people who do in Brazil and even in countries that are more traditional, order a boot comes with a considerable increase in price. The Meermin is the most affordable in this segment, with options to order in the model a crowd-funded, masas options are pre-defined and do not accommodate customizations of the individual.

In the text today I’m going to share a new alternative for you to order a boot the way you want.

Such order boots made in Indonesia?

The boots are made in Indonesia comes pleasing enough to the international community. The seed footwear industry of the country was planted in 1920, in the district Cibaduyutna of the city Bandung, which became the largest footwear industry in the country. The employees of the first manufacturing plants were opening new factories, and Indonesia became one of the biggest producers of footwear from Asia. A small number of these farmers started to specialize in shoes palmilhados.

Those who follow the work of these brands should have noticed how the quality has progressed in a relatively short period of time. Develop ways of shoemaker own, to refine construction techniques, and to train professionals before accustomed to make shoes of lower quality is not an easy task, but Indonesia has shown incredible results.

I don’t have any product made there, but I follow some time ago. I wanted to order more than once and for that swept the topics on Styleforum and Reddit in search of information and reviews.

I’m going to make a compiled of the best options for you to order a boot construction goodyear welted or handwelted.

Advantages of the boots made in Indonesia

·         Price

The price is very good for a boot fully custom. You can choose all the details of the product and pay the freight more between $100 and $200 for leather common and $400 for the shell cordovan(usually Rocado or Shinki-Hikaku). Many of these manufacturers also have access to hides the most interesting, as the waxed flesh and crusted leather.

Good right? A boot created for you, hand welted, it is cheaper than a boot goodyear welted in the factory. Think that here in Brazil, a boot both beautiful and well made, without any customization, it costs at least$ 500.

·         Customization

You can ask for what you want. These brands of Indonesia are very flexible.

Cannot find a service boot in leather rough out with cap toe, leather outsole dual-rubber sole dainite, with construction stitchdown? Is so ask.

He saw the boot of a branded japanese super nice but the price okay in the salt? Send a photo to them and a conversation to see how much is left to replicate.

Are two outstanding advantages, but buying from Indonesia is not only wonder.

·         Manual Finishing

The manual work on each boot is made in Indonesia is above average. Many are made with construction is hand welted, where the turn is costrada manually. In many cases, the outsole is also hand-stitched. The outsole of the shoes Winson has finish fiddleback, channel sole-stitching closed, etc.

But attention, a lot of manual work is not equivalent to a lot of work good guide, ok?

·         Service Boots

For some reason the style service boot seems to be the speciality of the factories of Indonesia. Do more boots casual, military-inspired, of which footwear formal. Those in order to buy a boot Viberg or Truman, but without paying much, you can experience one of the brands recommended below and at least have the visual.

·         Exclusivity

The chance of you finding someone with the same boots is very small. In addition to these brands are not so well known (even more in Brazil), you will also have the option to customize to make it unique.

Disadvantages of boots made in Indonesia

·         Communication

Communication is not easy.

In addition to the language barrier (English is not 100%), many reviews complain about the difficulty in communicating with brands at various stages of the buying process.

It is not legal to pass by silences of weeks before you receive news. Now, imagine you order a boot and be waiting for it to become ready, without receive any update.

The problem may not be just a failure of people to meet. Some of these brands are already in the market for quite a long time and has a strong online presence.

·         Material

The quality of the leather indonesian is not yet at the standard of international quality. Many reviews of boots made leather pull up say they are more thin and have the grains loose. For the photos I think that should be at the level of the brazilian leather.

However, it is also possible to choose from leather imported from Europe or from other parts of Asia. The availability varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The rubber soles of renowned brands like Vibram, or Itshide are more difficult to achieve. Several brands use the soles sites, which are good, but don’t last as long when the soles that brands references use.

·         Inconsistent

The end result varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from model to model. The product is cheaper, but still is not comparable with the products of manufacturers of more traditional.

The cutting of the leather is not so selected and consistent. The tolerência quality in general is more lax. These problems exist in any market, but seem to happen more often in Indonesia than in more mature.

Important to say that this is the impression that the people accustomed to buying from traditional brands. Close to the brazilian standard the standard Indonesian should be more than acceptable. We are super familiar with solas removing, leather belly all lined, scratches, etc.

·         The format of the boots

Boots like the Wolverine 1000 Mile and the Alden Indy Boot there for who knows how long. Get a foma classic is a complicated task and involves a lot of trial and error.

Many forms of Indonesia are a bit unbalanced and bulky compared to boots american and european. Are details, but the proportions are not so pleasant.

This has changed, mainly because the staff seems to be replicating the ways of success every time with more perfection.

·         International price

They charge more to international clients than local clients. That is, the price of the boots is not necessarily what they are worth. The final price is based on what the market is willing to pay and the alternatives.

Nothing wrong with that, but know that you might buy a boot for $200 that is sold in Indonesia for $140. How much is it worth?

·         Distance

We are already accustomed, but the distance is a factor in the time to buy a boot made in Indonesia.

It is not only the time you wait for the boot to get ready and arrive. The freight is expensive!

If you enter the wrong size not worth the swap. If the boots have a defect, the problem will take to be resolved (even more with the difficulties of communication.

Brands of boots Indonesia: Order your

Now that you know what to expect in the purchase of a boot is made in Indonesia, try to visit the site and get to know the products of the following brands.


In my opinion the Txture is one of the best.

The Txture has several forms and works with suppliers of leather known. The boots are very beautiful and are the many variables of jump and construction, including the veldtschoen how to make the Viberg, White’s and Wesco.

It would be my number one choice if you were to order a boot of Indonesia, if it wasn’t for one small detail – the reports of problems with customer service scare me a little.


The Sagara has work more refined among the brands of Indonesia.

The construction of the boots are hand welted and this type of work usually costs a lot more expensive (the Leg of the Boot is in Japan, and the boots are over $800).

The online store has some options ready for delivery that you can still customize a little. The strong is to work under, but the waiting time is high.


It seems that the attendance of the Junkard is a little better.

The interface for made-to-order on the site is user-friendly, with five types of construction, seven shapes and six soles.


The Winston is a small operation focused on dress shoes, but are willing to try anything. No other brand on this list has a type so refined, and the pictures on Instagram show the work manual as well refined.

The contact is for instagram or e-mail service and it seems that it is very good.


The Santalum has a video as well famous showing the process of manufacturing, but it is not among my favorites.

The shape of the boots is beautiful but the leather always seems dry. The reviews complain about too much customer service pre-sale and post-sale and from the pictures, the boots seem to be finishing and work that is worse than the Sagara and Txture.


The Chevalier is not so the vintage line when some of the brands above. Has a lot of information about it on the internet thanks to sales through the site Massdrop.

The reviews were positive but a lot of people had trouble with numbering. The main complaint was that the leather pull-up that they used was not as good as those of american makers, but it is understandable already that the price is lower.

I have thought a lot about to try out the service of these brands and I thought I’d organise a joint request for baraterar the purchase. What do you think?

Leave a comment with what brand you prefer and the ideas of the boot (we would have to ask the same model to win in volume). My pre requisites are: a beautiful shape, quality leather (imported), soles imported, ilhoeses smaller, clean finish, and good customer service.

If you want to read more about the marks of boots from Indonesia can access these links:

Reddit Goodyear Welt

Style Forum: Topic Junkard and topic Sagara

Local Forum of Darahkubiru to see lots of photos: Sagara, Txture, Junkard, Winson, Chevalier

All these companies are present in social networks, and update often!


Boots Men’s Good and Cheap: That Such Order Its Boots in …

Boots Men’s Good and Cheap: That Such Order Its Boots in ...