BBC Is Inspired by Tahe City for Their New Shoes

I already spoke in his time mark Billionaire Boys Club. This time we return to do so but to set aside the accessories and focus on his shoes; more specifically in the new season of their Hi-Cut Sneakers that they have taken as an element of inspiration the city and all of its elements and they wanted to capture them in your shoes as you can see in the header photo.

Open windows, balconies, window sills of luminaires, fire… in the style of the city of New York, BBC wants to design a modern and urban shoe. The colors are quite muted, so the shoe is not very striking. In dark green, blue orange, black, and white with laces in white as well as the shape of the shoe, BBC does not abandon his casual and fun style without forgetting who designed, and who is your favorite public.

Is the price? I have already said that this kind of, somewhat exclusive brands, are not usually affordable. Each pair of shoes goes approximately by 140 euros.