Basic Eternal: Exquisite Athletic Shoes of High Shank of Adieu – Paris

From the year 2012 the exquisite Parisian firm Adieu-Paris it comes some silhouettes of classic shoes with fabulous renovated versions of winks bold and modern cooling. Also in the case of its sneakers high-end contemporary key.

It’s a stylish range of athletic shoes high cane which aims to combine skilfully resolved a good dose of Parisian sophistication and more casual urban style.

“Type W.O” Adieu Paris shoes are inspired by the traditional silhouette of a timeless basic shoes of basketball. Highlights a sole of two materials that manages to look granular reminiscent of asphalt and the pronounced rubber notches that dominate the toe.

“Type W.O” shoes in tissue of cotton canvas they are offered in fantastic colour combinations. You can find them in and exclusive distributors of some cities.