Accept It, Everything Indicates That The Ugly Shoes Are The Footwear of The Year (Horror…?)

Never ever say that this water will not drink, because a day you caught thirsty and drink liters and liters. And I should be the first to bear it in mind, because I always just judging people and things quickly to rectify later. And if at first it said that never ever fall into temptation the ugly shoes… Wham! I have some in my closet waiting to be released. And I’m not the only one who has fallen yielded to them, and I will not be the last. Many of you (insurance) that you go dropping like flies…

And is that behind that non hides something beautiful. Comfortable are you a while and, particularly, I like the contrast that create with totally feminine outfits. But I hope that never, ever (although I dare not say that I will never do so) take them with white socks in the style of guiriland. It seems that this summer ugly is in fashion (and more than ever in shoes).

  • With three strips in the instep of Kenzo, 295 EUR.
  • Flatforms cross in black and gold of Zara, 49,95 EUR.
  • With applications in the instep of Marni, 630 EUR.
  • Copper color of Givenchy, 650 EUR.
  • Grey patent leather flat Sandals from Calvin Klein, 112,37 euros.
  • Silver finish with slight platform of Topshop, 64 euros.
  • Leather soled teeth Flatform of Mango, 75,99 EUR.
  • Cross in sky blue color of River Island, 37 euros.
  • Black cross of H & M, 19.95 EUR.
  • Stripes and rhinestones of Tibi, 500 euros.
  • With braid in the instep of Isabel Marant, €290.