The 10 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

The 10 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Suspension bridges, motorway bridges, pedestrian bridges – there are many types of bridges, but which bridges are the most dangerous and where can they be found?

Place 10 – The “Indoboard Bridge” (Indonesia)

This bridge has to be listed among the top ten most dangerous bridges in the world, because as its name suggests, it is more like an indoboard than a trustworthy way to cross a raging river. A lot of balance is required here every day, because this bridge in Indonesia serves as a way to school for many children every day.

9th place – the suspension bridge of Ghasa (Nepal)

This suspension bridge leads over the Jomsom Sadak Gorge and connects a small village with the outside world. It is several hundred meters long and is at a dizzying height. Not only do people cross this bridge every day, but shepherds also drive their cattle across it. As a local you may sooner or later get used to these circumstances, but tourists need a lot of courage to cross this narrow bridge.

8th place – Qu’eswachaka suspension bridge (Peru)

The Qu’eswachaka Bridge is a rope bridge that is tied every year by hand, made of plaited grass and spanning the Río Apurímac, so that residents from the area have a connection to the outside world. Since December 2013 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, due to its unsafe construction, it is also one of the 10 most dangerous bridges in the world.

7th place – Sarawak Bridge (Malaysia)

This bridge, made of bamboo and thin struts, must never be accessed by more than two people at the same time, as otherwise it would collapse under the weight. To the left and right there is a kind of railing, also made of bamboo, but when stepping on the swaying bridge it becomes immediately clear that it would hardly hold in case of doubt. Rush here between the bamboo sticks, you will inevitably end up in the river underneath and get to know the local animals.

6th place – Kotmale Oya Bridge (Sri Lanka)

Leading through the impenetrable jungle, this bridge is also used to cross a river. The Kotmale is the fourth largest in its country and runs about 70 kilometers through Sri Lanka. If you fall through the holey boards that make up the bridge, you will be swept away by the torrent of the river. So it is a real adventure to cross this river.

5th place – Bridge over the Alps (Austria)

There are also some worrying bridges in Europe that only the bravest of people can walk on. This building in Austria may only be entered with a helmet, has ropes stretched on the left and right, which serve as railings and stable wooden boards form the step surface, but these are much too narrow to offer enough space. The dazzling sight of the mountain peaks below and between you will make you reconsider this excursion.

4th place – Canopy Walkway (Ghana)

This unusual bridge is located in the Kakum National Park in Ghana and consists only of a wooden beam and a net, which should provide stability on both sides. Nevertheless, the Canopy Walkway does not inspire confidence, especially since you are on this bridge far above the tree tops of the park and can no longer see the other people below you. When you finally reach the end of the bridge, which is located on a tree trunk, around which a kind of pedestal has been built, you will probably think of a climbing park.

3rd place – suspension bridge over the Baliem River (New Guinea)

Incredible but true is the fact that this bridge runs both horizontally and vertically and is therefore a real challenge for everyone. The sometimes widely spaced wooden boards can sometimes only be crossed by taking large steps. So be careful: the sloping position gives you two options to get to know the river below.

2nd place – Hussaini Bridge (Pakistan)

The boards are crooked, the ropes are loose and look like they’re about to break. Here you have to rely on the ropes left and right in one way or another to hold on, otherwise it is not possible to cross this many hundred meters long bridge that runs just above the water.

1st place – tightrope walking over the Mekong (China)

This construction is less about a bridge and more like a construct made of many tightly tensioned ropes. One rope serves as a footboard, the other hangs over your head to hold onto. Don’t worry, tourists rarely get lost here, rather it serves as a way to school for many children in the morning. This fact makes it the number 1 most dangerous bridge.

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